How Blabbermouth became a Professional Blabbermouth..


Yeah this is exactly how people around me react when I am yapping endlessly! I can go on and on and how! But I prefer to think that its not always utter nonsense.. It is a fact though, too much silence can kill me.. I never tire from talking.. If I’m not talking, I start singing.. Which is why you would think Voice Over is the perfect fit for me..

But it wasn’t like oh I love talking, I should do Voice Overs.. I was a freelance writer for a leading Newspaper and some other web publications and if recession hadn’t hit I would still be writing. This was during college and I had to decide my plan of action before I finished graduation.

After the newspaper stint, I interned with a TV channel and the next stop was Radio. While researching about Radio, I vaguely heard the term Voice Over.. So I researched a bit more about the kind of work out there and where I could start.. The way I remember it, a friend was making a documentary film and she said “you talk so much, can you spare a bit of that for my film!” And so it began..

However terrible I sounded at the time, I enjoyed the whole experience a lot.. Just hearing the sound of my Voice in the headphones was something. I almost didn’t share it but here’s the link to my first Voice Over ever – (Please do not judge me based on it, it was a long long time ago)

Then I got proper demos recorded in a Studio and just like that I was ready to work 🙂


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